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Strong Muffler Guard – 1st product almost ready!

21/01/2020 – One of the first products in the works is our muffler guard.  As most of you are probably fully aware of, one of the newly designed parts on the 2020 model XC-W is the fancy new muffler.  Mine even has a “6 Days” decal on it.  Very nice.

This got me thinking of how painful if would be picking my bike up off the rocks after a failed attempt to go up “Mordor” at Wild West, only to see how my lovely muffler has been marred and my fancy “6 Days” decal has been half way scorched off!  No no, that will not do.

Enter Strong Muffler Guard.  This guard is there to keep your muffler protected in cases like these.  The guard will cover most of the muffler which could get bashed up by rocks, unlike the slip on protectors which only protect the tip edges of your muffler.  It will use the muffler’s own screws to hold it in place so you don’t end up loading your bike after a day of riding only to find your guard isn’t on your bike anymore!  This covers the functionality aspect of this part.

The guard will be built using mostly carbon fibre to keep it as light weight as possible while still providing all the protection needed. That covers light weight.

We are still playing around with ideas for the final aesthetics of the guard but being a carbon part with a glossy finish, this part will “look the part”!

Here are some pics of the process during the manufacturing of the mould.

Above you can see the competed “plug” as it’s called which will be used to manufacture the mould.

Here we are building the mould from the plug.

This is the completed mould with the plug lying in it.

This part is in the final stages of development and will be up for pre-order soon.  Watch this space.  We will update this post as the part progresses.  Sign up for the newsletter by entering your email address in the footer of this page to be the first to know when this product launches for Pre-Order and secure your special edition part.

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