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Meet our Brand Ambassador – Travis Teasdale

It’s official, Travis Teasdale is our brand ambassador!

We’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered with Travis Teasdale Racing.  Travis Teasdale is absolutely killing it in the South African enduro scene and is rising to the top at a rapid rate.

We at Strong Armour hope to grow with Travis as we both are aiming high and the only way is up from here.  Travis will be helping us develop our new products and fine tune them to stand up against the beating only a pro athlete like him can throw down!

We look forward to the journey ahead.  Great things are on the horizon!

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Strong muffler guard receives an early design update

September 6, 2020

So here is why your feedback is important!

After some feedback from riders like you, we decided to make some changes to the muffler guard.  It now wraps around the rear tailpiece of the muffler for even more protection.

Now even those of you who are practicing slow wheelies won’t scratch your muffler when you flip the bike in the process!  It’s a welcome change and has improved the product.

So please guys, if you have any input on guards – even ones that are still being developed – don’t be shy to drop a comment, mail or a FaceBook message to let us know your thoughts.  Your input could have an influence on how the final product rolls out.

Thanks a mil to the guys who gave valuable feedback! Here are some pics of the V2 guard.

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Strong Muffler Guard – Sneak peek

July 11, 2020 

Lockdown and Covid-19 has been quite a damper on the economy and small business. Development at Strong came to a halt along with most of the world but I’m pleased to say that we’re back on track again and our first guard is about to go on sale.

I’d like to update you guys on this part and show you what it looks like so far. The prototype is complete and production is about to start. 

Here are some pics of the prototype.

The production guard will have a slightly better surface finish as well as branding decals. We’re super exited!

Check back soon to find this guard available for pre-order!

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Strong Muffler Guard – 1st product almost ready!

21/01/2020 – One of the first products in the works is our muffler guard.  As most of you are probably fully aware of, one of the newly designed parts on the 2020 model XC-W is the fancy new muffler.  Mine even has a “6 Days” decal on it.  Very nice.

This got me thinking of how painful if would be picking my bike up off the rocks after a failed attempt to go up “Mordor” at Wild West, only to see how my lovely muffler has been marred and my fancy “6 Days” decal has been half way scorched off!  No no, that will not do.

Enter Strong Muffler Guard.  This guard is there to keep your muffler protected in cases like these.  The guard will cover most of the muffler which could get bashed up by rocks, unlike the slip on protectors which only protect the tip edges of your muffler.  It will use the muffler’s own screws to hold it in place so you don’t end up loading your bike after a day of riding only to find your guard isn’t on your bike anymore!  This covers the functionality aspect of this part.

The guard will be built using mostly carbon fibre to keep it as light weight as possible while still providing all the protection needed. That covers light weight.

We are still playing around with ideas for the final aesthetics of the guard but being a carbon part with a glossy finish, this part will “look the part”!

Here are some pics of the process during the manufacturing of the mould.

Above you can see the competed “plug” as it’s called which will be used to manufacture the mould.

Here we are building the mould from the plug.

This is the completed mould with the plug lying in it.

This part is in the final stages of development and will be up for pre-order soon.  Watch this space.  We will update this post as the part progresses.  Sign up for the newsletter by entering your email address in the footer of this page to be the first to know when this product launches for Pre-Order and secure your special edition part.

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Introduction to Strong Armour Guards – by founder

January 20, 2020

I’d like to take a minute and tell a short story of how this brand came about and what the mission and goals are of Strong Armour.

I am a hobbyist hard enduro rider and just like most of you out there, not being backed by a sponsor with super deep pockets, I am forced to use a number of guards and protection to prevent my precious bike and exhaust system from getting bashed up by all the rocks I so enjoy trying to navigate in attempted Graham Jarvis fashion.  Despite failing at trying to mimic Jarvis, I also often fail at keeping my bike in one piece while doing so.  This is a problem I have been grappling with for the last couple of years.  At the same time, I’ve been toying with the idea of designing protection for my bike which actually works and is lightweight at the same time.  Having well over 10 years of experience in advanced composites, I believed I could make this happen.

Fast forward to Snow & Rock enduro 2019, I finally made the decision to go ahead and start designing guards keeping three design constraints in mind:

1. Functionality: Strong Armour Guards strive to actually pull off the task of protecting your expensive bike and it’s parts.  From all the guards that are currently on the market, few do a great job at what they are meant to do – protect the bike from damage.  Now, while I realise that a blow to your header pipe by a rock while cruising along at 100 kms would be fatal to the pipe no matter what kind of protection you have, I believe one could get to a place where most normal knocks won’t damage your pricey pipe at all.  This will be the first design constraint for Strong Armour Guards, guards which do the things enduro bike owners wish they did.

2. Light weight: Using the latest manufacturing and material technologies, Strong Armour Guards will be as light weight as they possibly can be while still achieving the other two design constraints.  No-one wants too much extra weight on their nimble bikes.

3. Aesthetics:  Strong armour Guards will be as pleasing to look at as your bike was the day it rolled off the showroom floor.  Not being one for simple functionality alone, I will make damn sure Strong products are sexy.

In the coming products, you will see these three design aspects come through.  My goal is to provide something that is not available on the market.  Something that does a great job, and does it in style.

This company is proudly South African and everything will be manufactured locally to support local.

If this sounds like something you have been craving, get behind this brand and give us your support.  The more support the brand gets, the more products will be developed and the quicker they will become available!  You can do this by spreading the news with your bike buddies, pre-ordering our initial products or simply following along with us on this journey and possibly being a future Strong Armour Guard customer!

 – Allan, founder of Strong Armour